The Value of an Easy to Use Property Management System

The Value of an Easy to Use Property Management System

With all of the talk surrounding contactless technology, mobile apps, and enhancing your hotel’s tech stack, many have overlooked the value of a property management system that is easy to use, and easier to learn. While investing in a property management software provider that continues to innovate is still very important, as we have outlined in our Top 5 Hospitality Tech Trends for 2021 video, the core software that is used at a hotel must be easy to use, especially during these times of change and uncertainty.

Both technology and ease of use should in fact go hand and hand, and work together to create a seamless experience for hotel staff and management. The key is that ease of use should not be discounted, as it is an integral part of any efficient property management system. With that being said, let’s take a look at some of key identifiers of an easy to use property management system and the benefits it can provide for any hotel.

The software is both cloud-based and browser-based.
A property management system that is easy to use generally starts with the ability to use it in a flexible manner. With full accessibility in a web browser, users are able to operate the software from any device of their choosing, such as a tablet for example. This helps staff be more productive as they are able to do more on the go, while adhering to new health and safety standards.

For new hotel staff being onboarded, they are likely to adapt and learn quicker on devices they are already familiar using. The ability to use a property management system directly from a smartphone or tablet, whether in a mobile app or a browser, will help speed up the adoption process and have employees trained in less time.

As all data is synced and updated in real-time, each user will see the latest information on whichever device they are using, creating a consistent experience for all staff. By simply logging in to the software through the browser, users can seamlessly access the system and start performing tasks with ease.

Consistent and streamlined design.
As technology continues to evolve, so does property management software. In addition, with the rise of third-party integrations and mobile apps, it can be challenging for staff to learn how to use the property management system effectively. This is where the importance of a consistent and streamlined design comes into the equation.

Ideally, a property management system should have either a sidebar or ribbon bar to help navigate throughout the software. In the case of Jonas Chorum’s cloud-based PMS, both options are visible to help enhance the experience within each screen. Every section of the software should have a similar look and feel, which helps in speeding up the learning process, while also making the system easier and quicker to use on a continual basis.

In addition, an easy to use property management system should have commonly used tasks, such as check-in for example, either automatically loaded upon signing in or easily accessible to limit wait times for guests. By simply reducing the number clicks needed to perform an action, you can create a more seamless experience for staff, while helping to increase guest satisfaction as well.

Easy to learn resulting in increased employee retention.
One of the factors as to why front-line staff are either dissatisfied or decide to leave a hotel altogether, is clunky and outdated software. A property management system is integral to the success of any hotel’s operations, and if staff are not able to use the software efficiently, then productivity and morale are likely to decrease.

To help avoid this, hoteliers should look for property management software that is easy to train, and even easier to learn. With Chorum PMS for example, staff can be trained on the core functionality within a few days – helping to increase adoption and increase employee satisfaction. Having an easy to learn software will have your staff up and running in no time with minimal disruption to your operations.

Once staff have begun using the property management system, they should ideally be able to navigate through the software with ease. With an easy to use system, intuitive user interface, and the ability to perform tasks from a mobile device, it will be much easier to retain staff and keep them satisfied.

To learn more about Chorum PMS and how easy it is to use, check out this quick video. If you would like a more in-depth look at our true cloud-based PMS solution, hotel central reservation system, as well as our staff and guest mobile solutions, request a demo today!

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