Maximize ROI with Your Property Management Software

Maximize Hotel Revenue

Jonas Chorum provides a complete suite of software solutions to ensure that your property is making money and revenue is being maximized.

Take Control Over Rate Management

With rate management, as occupancy levels increase – so can your margin. Streamline the rate management process, with the ability to set occupancy thresholds that will automatically increase when the thresholds are met, helping to maximize revenue, especially when inventory is limited.

Rates can also be adjusted manually to make changes and updates in real-time, providing further control over the rate management process.


Report on Key Performance Indicators

With a dashboard view of all financial data, gain a better understanding of business performance in single view. Generate a wide-variety of revenue specific reports, such as RevPAR, ADR, ARR on both a gross and net level, as well as forecast reports to determine future revenue.

With all of the reports available in our cloud PMS software, get a 360-degree view of property financials and make more informed decisions in real-time.


Reconcile Financials & Ensure Accuracy

Easily reconcile guest folios and transactions with our night audit functionality, and ensure proper rollover from one business day to the next. Within Chorum PMS, this can either be done manually or automatically to close out the day at a specific time.

Eliminate costly errors due to human error and manual processes, and ensure financial information is accurate.

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Maximize revenue and report on key performance indicators with ease.
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