2023 Round-up from Jonas Chorum 

As we kick off 2024, we wanted to take the time to look back on everything we accomplished in the last year. At a high-level we: 

  • Hit our highest customer satisfaction score ever  
  • Rolled out 104 feature enhancements driven by customer requests  
  • Built 47 new releases in the product 

In addition to working on our product, we also had some wins for Jonas Chorum as a company. In the last year, seven of our team members hit 25+ years with us. We also welcomed many new faces to the team as well!   

At the start of this year, we welcomed Adam Wilson as the new General Manager of Jonas Chorum. Jake Lewis, our previous President, has been promoted to President of Jonas Hospitality Property Systems, where he’ll continue to oversee Jonas Chorum’s strategic growth and larger vision. Read more here!  

Throughout the year, we remained focused on delivering better software for our customers. Read on for a little bit more about the new features we introduced. 

Mobile App Enhancements 

Jonas Chorum’s app lets hoteliers manage their hotel operations from any mobile device. In 2023, we rolled out a Daily Rate Manager feature in our mobile app. This feature puts key components of Chorum’s robust revenue management in the palm of your hands.  

The Daily Rate Manager in the mobile app lets you see real-time data and update your rates based on rate codes or room types. These new rates are automatically synced and published straight to your channel manager or CRS.  

We also expanded the functionality for housekeeping managers, allowing supervisors to automatically (or manually) assign rooms and tasks.  

Group Management  

Throughout the year we continued to enhance Chorum PMS’ robust guest management features. We made our auto-release feature more nuanced for a variety of use cases and added numerous safeguards to ensure that hotels are driving as much revenue from groups as possible.  

Our Rooming List feature, which allows hotels to upload lists for large groups, is now searchable alongside many new usability enhancements.  

Other enhancements 

This is just the beginning! We also built out additional VIP guest features, expanded Do Not Rent functionality, added new Reports, and so much more. As your trusted PMS provider, we build new features based on your needs and feedback. Our customer-centric mindset has continued to drive our innovation over the last year. This mindset is a key reason why we have been able to do so much. We have truly proven that focusing on customers creates better software.   

If you’re a Chorum PMS user, we’re happy to schedule time with your account manager to ensure that you’re leveraging everything our system has to offer.   

Are you interested in learning more about Jonas Chorum? Watch a quick software tour here!  

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