Hotel Property Management Solutions

Maximize your profit per available room with easy-to-use cloud-based hotel property management solutions. Chorum is the better choice for your hotel. 

A suite of cloud-based property management solutions for your hotel.

Jonas Chorum helps hotels of all sizes increase operational efficiency and enhance guest experience. Easily onboard your hotel within days, not weeks.

Jonas Chorum Cloud-Based PMS Software For Hotels

Chorum Hotel PMS System

True cloud property management software built with an intuitive and easy to use design. Manage all aspects of your operations with Chorum PMS.

Chorum Hotel CRS

Take control of the reservations process and maximize revenue. Easily manage rates, inventory, and availability – all in real-time.

Chorum Staff Mobile

Empowering hoteliers to create the ultimate experience for their guests.

Chorum Guest Mobile

Create a truly memorable guest experience and increase engagement with Chorum Guest Mobile.

Chorum Enterprise

Leverage consolidated reporting on multiple properties and generate real-time reports based on a wide-range of criteria.

Chorum Offline Sync

Specialized, industry-leading data sync technology keeping our software fully functional at all times, even during internet outages or connectivity issues.

Chorum Sync

Chorum Website Builder

Create a new website that is designed to boost direct bookings and increase revenue.

Improve hotel performance, streamline operations, and increase revenue.
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