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Chorum Enterprise

Leverage consolidated reporting on multiple properties and generate real-time reports based on a wide-range of criteria.

Gain greater insight into property performance.

Streamline Operations

Dashboard View

Enterprise Reporting

Multi-Property Reporting

Staff Mobile App Designed to Streamline Operations

Single Sign-On

Low Upfront Captial Investment

Report on KPI's

Chorum Enterprise Reports

View your entire portfolio in a single location

Run reports around occupancy, average daily rates, and more – fully visible in a dashboard view or consolidated report.

View key performance indicators on a single report or separate into specific regions, with the ability to compare performance at the property-level or by geographical location.

Single sign-on to access all properties

Utilize a centralized login to easily manage all hotels in your portfolio.

Fully secure, limit viewing access to only those with permission, ensuring data privacy. All data is stored within a central database, which ensures all information is accurate and up-to-date, while eliminating duplicate entries.
Chorum Enterprise User Management

Gain greater insights and make better, more informed decisions with Chorum Enterprise.
Book a demo today to see Chorum Enterprise in action!

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