Leverage Your Front Desk Software to Maximize Revenue

Leverage Your Property Management Software to Maximize Revenue

The last few years pushed many hotels to their limit from a financial standpoint. While travel is up across most markets, the road to recovery is still a lengthy process. With that being said, your front desk software can accelerate revenue growth. Better technology helps hotels maximize revenue with a full suite of revenue-building tools in their core operational software. Let’s take a look at some of the ways a complete suite of property management software solutions can do just that.

Upsell functionality during check-in

The value of each guest is increasingly important. If your hotel is not at 100% occupancy and you’re facing increased costs on almost all goods, it is essential to maximize revenue per available guest (RevPAG) to help increase overall profitability. Boost RevPAG with additional amenities, room upgrades, and services during the check-in process. Guests are usually hesitant to stick around the front desk for an extended period of time. So it is crucial that the check-in process remains quick and seamless–while still promoting those revenue-generating additional services.

Our cloud PMS software shows every front desk agent upsell opportunities every time they check in a guest (shown above). Special requests can be added to the guest’s folio with a click of a button. This keeps the check-in time to a minimum while enhancing the guest experience by providing a more personalized stay. While some of these add-ons and upgrades may only be a few dollars each, over an extended period of time the revenue earned can grow exponentially. For example, The Surfer Beach Hotel, a Chorum client, earns about $22,000.00 per year in additional revenue simply by upgrading their guests’ rooms during check-in.

Increase direct bookings and automate rate management.

As travelers start considering travel opportunities, it’s important that your online presence is up-to-date and in sync. Consider the performance of your web booking engine, website, and central reservation system. All of these solutions should work together with the operational software at your hotel to help you increase direct bookings and decrease fees.

With our top-rated hotel CRS software, hotels can increase direct bookings and reduce commission fees. Chorum CRS has a two-way sync to your PMS to ensure accuracy and reduce overbooking.

Your PMS should also make it easy to update your daily rate when needed in a few quick clicks. Automate rate management with occupancy-based rate tiering to ensure that revenue is maximized at all times. With the ability to easily manage rates, inventory, and availability in real-time from your front desk software – properties will be in a better position to earn additional revenue and increase profitability.

Guest mobility for quick upgrades, amenities, and service requests.

For guests that are apprehensive about visiting the front desk or even interacting with hotel staff in general, mobile technology has evolved to allow guests to do more from their smartphones. This is especially true for the younger generation of travelers, who want to be able to do more directly from their mobile device rather than a traditional in-room telephone. Mobile technology provides guests with the ability to enhance their stay from the palm of their hands.

With Chorum Guest Mobile, guests can do more with their smartphone on a mobile app, such as:

  • Pre-register and receive their room assignment
  • Be reminded of upgrades or add-ons when registering
  • Access their room with digital key (if set up)
  • Order additional services
  • Request amenities
  • Plan their trip
  • Make a brand-new direct reservation

In regards to generating additional revenue, it has never been easier for guests to enhance their visit and increase their spend throughout the duration of their stay. By investing in a guest mobile app, hotels create an additional revenue and guest engagement channel. With our hotel front desk software, hotel staff can keep in touch with guests throughout their staff through a variety of contactless channels.

Improve internal communication for better guest experiences.

Remain in contact with staff around your hotel. Chorum PMS runs on mobile devices where housekeeping, maintenance, and managers can update room status and run reports. This allows you to better leverage up-sell opportunities at the front desk because your full inventory is available in real-time.

Staff Mobile Housekeeping

Better guest experiences = more revenue via repeat guests and good reviews. With Chorum Staff Mobile you can respond to special requests and keep your staff mobilized around the hotel. Your front desk software doesn’t have to be tied to the front desk. With a cloud-based PMS, your operational software is in your pocket and available on any device.

It’s time for better front desk software

Interested in learning more about how Chorum PMS can help increase revenue at your hotel? Be sure to request a demo today and see our software in action!

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