How to Enhance Guest Satisfaction by Leveraging Technology

In today’s mobile and technology driven world, instant entertainment and information is available at your fingertips. From reading the latest news, to accessing email, to streaming on the go – the options are endless when it comes to what can be done on a mobile device. With the rise of social media, online forums, and messaging platforms, people are able to share their positive experiences and interactions on a daily basis.

However, with the good comes the possibility of the bad, as negative experiences can be shared just as easily. This demonstrates the importance of customer service, but almost more importantly, the ability to provide a more modern experience allowing guests to utilize the technology and devices they are comfortable with. While this may seem like a daunting task, there are simple solutions that can be implemented to help enhance your hotel’s technology and provide an experience that is up-to-date with guest’s expectations today. Here are a few ways your hotel can do just that.

Implement a Modern Property Management Software
For any hotel looking to improve their technology, the first and most crucial step is upgrading to a property management system that has all of the features and functionalities necessary to meet the demands of the modern guest. While we outline the five things to consider when selecting a property management system, there are certain things to look out for that will help really boost your overall guest experience from a technology standpoint.

For example, the ability for guests to check-in and check-out from their mobile device is quickly becoming more desirable, as guests would like to streamline this process and avoid the long wait times. Another great feature more updated property management systems offer is the ability to make requests, such as room service or the ability to request towels or toiletries, directly from your mobile device. The modern guest is more self-sufficient and would like to have more control over their stay, which is why this particular function is ideal for today’s tech-savvy guests.

Personalize the Guest Experience
By leveraging the abilities of your property management system to track important information about your guest’s preferences, you can offer up a more customized and personalized experience for valued guests. Whether it’s something simple such as putting extra pillows in the room, or more extravagant like a complementary bottle of champagne, knowing the guest’s preferences and anticipating occasions can truly help improve their experience and likely result in a positive and glowing review.

Enhance Communication
As mentioned, guests today are looking to do more from their mobile device and don’t want to constantly call or visit the front desk for assistance. By allowing guests to communicate and notify front desk staff via messaging, guests can get in touch with a representative from your hotel in a way that is more convenient to them. Hotel staff can also respond and take action quicker, which helps to improve the guest relationship and enhance the overall experience.

Increased Security
This is an underappreciated aspect of improving guest satisfaction, as it generally only comes into effect when something has gone wrong. While this might not directly impact the guest experience, if a data breach were to occur, not only would a lot of trust be lost in your hotel, but the amount of negative reviews would quickly increase as well. By investing in a property management software that has the latest encryption technology and data backup capabilities, your hotel can help avoid this from occurring.

Boost Operational Efficiency
When it comes to garnering positive reviews from guests, providing consistent and attentive customer service can really go a long way. With a true cloud property management system in place, hotel staff can communicate with one another to ensure rooms are cleaned with real-time status updates and service requests are addressed promptly. With staff having to spend less time performing administrative tasks, they can shift their focus to improving the overall customer experience.

Throughout this article we have seen how technology can help to enhance the overall experience for guests today, but there has been one constant – implementing a cloud-based property management software solution. This will act as the backbone of your operation, helping your hotel become more modern, while offering the personalized experience guests are looking to have.

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