Top 5 Hospitality Technology Trends That Are Attainable in 2020

True Cloud Technology

Chorum PMS is a cloud property management system, meaning there are no expensive, on-premise servers to maintain.

Leading Uptime & Fully Secure

With industry-leading uptime, you can rely on Jonas Chorum’s cloud PMS software to operate your hotel at all times. In the event that the internet goes down or there is connectivity issues, we offer our Chorum Offline Sync solution, which ensures the property remains up and running.

Data is fully encrypted at all times, leveraging P2PE/EMV and IP restrictions, keeping guest information protected and ensuring your hotel is safe and secure. Learn more about Chorum PMS.

Simple Setup & Low Maintenance

With no special hardware or the need for any complicated internal networks, setting up the software is a breeze. Operating on your current internet network, our solution is extremely cost-effective, as there are no additional servers to purchase or upgrade.

Entirely cloud-based, there is no longer a need to worry about upgrading the system or configuring software locally, reducing the time spent on maintenance and upkeep.


Fully Scalable Technology

With no limitations on hardware storage, consistent server speeds, and an unlimited number of users, our solution takes the worry out of managing the day-to-day IT operations.

In addition, with the unlimited nature of the cloud, there are no additional costs or extra fees. This allows for untethered scalability, meaning that as the business continues to grow, there won’t be any costly surprises.

Live Technical Support

With technical support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, resolve any issues relating to your operating with no disruption. Regardless of what the issue is, our support team will be there to provide you with the best possible customer service.

In addition, remote access is available for our technical support team to access your computer system and resolve any issues that may arise, helping to minimize any downtime.


Reliable property management software built on innovative and modern technology.
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