How Jonas Chorum streamlines operational efficiency

Empower Housekeeping Staff with Mobile Technology

As a concept, “hotel operations” refers to every single day-to-day task performed at a property, from housekeeping, maintenance, guests checking in and out, and so much more. As it is so fundamental to the day-to-day running of your hotel, trying to improve hotel operations can seem daunting.

To improve and streamline operations, you need systems that allow your staff to work efficiently together. Fundamental to this is a hotel’s property management system, which sits at the core of operations. A hotel has many moving parts, from guests to staff to the building itself and everything that connects them—including your PMS.

There are many ways a better PMS can improve hotel operations. Today we’ll be focusing on two key ways to improve operational efficiency:

  1. Improving communication
  2. Staying innovative

Too many hotels rely on inefficient systems that don’t streamline operations, especially in these two areas, out of fear of interrupting the many moving parts of their hotel. The truth is that improving operational efficiency starts with better technology.

At Jonas Chorum, we’ve made it easy for hotels to switch to a modern cloud PMS with minimal impact on operations during the switch. Our system can be implemented in days and trained across staff in just a few hours. Let’s break down two of the most important ways we streamline operational efficiency.

Improving communication

The most fundamental way to improve operations at your hotel is to improve all of the ways you communicate. It’s not just about two-way radios anymore, staff around your hotel must be able to connect to your technology to share information in real-time.

Staff Mobile Reservation Screen

Chorum’s staff mobile solutions put your PMS in your staff’s hands around the hotel. Automate and time housekeeping requirements, while updating room readiness as it happens. Centralize maintenance requests to keep staff informed. Chorum PMS also runs on any mobile device or tablet so front desk staff can shorten lobby lineups and access reports from anywhere.

Improving your staff’s ability to share crucial information with one another empowers decision-making and lets them resolve issues faster. Using cloud technology, the status of your property is kept up to date and accurate, from a system that anyone can use. More efficient hotel operations creates better guest experiences and drives loyalty.

Staying innovative

The only constant is change. The way people travel has shifted over the last few years, and their expectations of hotels have moved along with it. People are more comfortable with technology and are looking for contactless options. One of the most important ways to streamline operations is to stay innovative.

That means regularly assessing how processes happen at your hotel, and consider if there’s a better way to do them. Relying on an existing process because that’s the way it’s always been done is a sure-fire way to slowly erode efficiency over time.

To streamline operations, you need a property management system that is continuing to evolve. As part of our commitment to helping hotels stay a step ahead, Jonas Chorum releases product updates on a monthly basis. Learn about how we use customer feedback and our Support team to drive innovation. We work on fixes and requests based on customer feedback and requests, helping to improve operational efficiency and get more done in one system.

Start streamlining operational efficiency today

In this blog, we’ve covered two ways to improve operations, and Chorum PMS can do so much more. If you’re researching a new PMS, we asked hundreds of hoteliers how they feel about their current PMS and compiled that research in our latest ebook. See our findings in our ebook here.

To learn more about Jonas Chorum, contact us today to learn more about how our cloud solution can help your hotel improve operations and guest experiences.

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