Jonas Chorum releases new web check-in integration

Contactless solutions are more important than ever before. Hotel guests are increasingly looking for ways to streamline their experience and skip lobby wait times. With the right technology, self-service check-in improves operations and the guest experience.

Jonas Chorum has launched a web check-in integration that provides hotels with a secure check-in portal where guests can check-in and manage their reservation.  

“We’re offering hotels flexibility,” explains Jake Lewis, President at Jonas Chorum. “In addition to our guest mobile app, hotels can use our property management system to provide contactless check-in to all guests. We understand having multiple contactless options is important and that one solution doesn’t fit all. With Chorum, hotels can choose the solution that best fits their needs and the needs of their guests. Providing hotels with flexible options that improve guest experience in a secure way is critical in today’s environment and it is solutions like Chorum’s web check-in that help make us a better software company.”

Chorum’s new web check-in creates a secure web link that can be integrated into pre-stay emails from the hotel’s existing CRM, guest messaging solution, or sent via manual email. From this web link, guests can:

  • Review their reservation and policy details
  • Make special requests
  • Securely provide financial and personal information, including IDs
  • Provide a digital signature

We are always looking for new ways to expand our technology to help hotels create better guest experiences while streamlining operations. Learn more and see this integration for yourself by contacting us today.

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