How Jonas Chorum Support empowers our customers and makes our hotel PMS better

It would be easy for us to just say that Jonas Chorum’s support and account management services go above and beyond — but we also have the numbers to back it up. We maintain between a 95 and 98% customer satisfaction rate, and regularly survey our customers to make sure we’re still exceeding expectations. We take customer satisfaction seriously because we know that by working with our customers, we create better cloud PMS software.

Here’s how Jonas Chorum does hotel PMS support

If you’re not a Jonas Chorum customer, you may have had this typical experience: you call support and explain your issue. It’s a bit complicated, so you’re elevated to a higher, technical tier of support. Now you re-explain your issue to a second, new person. They tell you they’ll get back to you with a resolution. After the call, communication is sparse and it’s on you to keep the conversation going for updates.

That never happens with Jonas Chorum. We operate using what we call a spry model, where we bring the person who can solve a problem into the conversation as soon as possible. When helping our customers, we ask: what is the quickest, most efficient path to resolution?

First and foremost: our support staff have complete ownership over the problems they are helping resolve. You’re never passed along to a new person.

In the Chorum version of the scenario above, the support personnel you originally spoke to takes charge of the problem. If it’s complicated, they work directly with the person or team who can resolve your issue, with no intermediary or delay. They have immediate access to resources that will resolve your tickets faster – and they’re proactively reaching out with updates to keep the conversation going.

A sense of urgency and a sense of ownership are what sets Chorum’s support a step above. This mentality has drastically reduced our backlog overall, and it has made it faster for customers to see resolution and results.”

Michele Enderud, VP Operations at Chorum

Proactive support starts with amazing account management

In addition to the support desk resolving tickets, we also have a team of Customer Relationship Managers (CRMs). As a client’s main point of contact, they’re in charge of creating a seamless transition from purchase to implementation to ongoing maintenance and assisting properties through difficult situations.

CRMs take charge of resolving customer issues, as well as documenting and pushing for product enhancements based on evolving customer needs. Our customers are the experts, and our CRMs are empowered to help translate that expertise into development and product enhancements for the future.

Product research and development starts with our customers, and that’s why support is so important to us. In addition to the overall structure of how we handle requests, we’re also available 24/7 so that our customers can get help whenever they need it. We put our customers’ needs front and center, so we commit to near 99% uptime, even when we’re making big changes behind the scenes.

Our amazing customer-facing teams:

  • Are available 24/7 to start resolving tickets ASAP
  • Find the fastest, most direct solution to your problem
  • Work with technical teams to ensure reliability and no downtime
  • Prioritize customer requests for new features

Find out more about a hotel PMS supported by the best support in the industry, get in touch today. 

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