Why the Time is Now for Your Hotel to Invest in a Contactless Check-in Experience

Why the Time is Now for Your Hotel to Invest in a Contactless Guest Experience

It’s no secret that the past two years have been especially hard on hotels. STR deemed 2020  the worst year on record for U.S. hotels. That said, they also recorded an 83% increase in RevPAR across US hotels in 2021.  People are traveling and booking hotels again.

This isn’t to say we’re back to normal. Travel has returned in part because technology and health and safety protocols have adapted to the ‘new normal.’ There is technology for hotels to make guests more comfortable, while also streamlining operations due to reduced staff.

This is where contactless solutions  come in to play. According to a recent study by Travel Boom, 81% of respondents said they would be willing to use a hotel’s mobile app to check-in to the hotel. Among millennials, that number jumps up to 89%, which is a key target demographic for both the hospitality and travel industries. In addition, 60% of respondents said they would be willing to use a hotel’s mobile app to unlock their room door, demonstrating a growing trend for this type of technology.

These statistics paint a clear picture that travelers increasingly expect a contactless experience, starting at check-in.

There are two key ways to provide a contactless experience at check-in:

  1. Mobile web check-in powered by your PMS
  2. A dedicated, branded mobile app (with the option of digital key for a fully contactless arrival)

One of these two options may be right for your hotel, depending on your marketing and guest needs. Let’s discuss both options to weigh the pros and cons.

Mobile web check-in

This option allows guests to check in via the web browser in their phone. It has the benefit of a slightly higher adoption rate because guests who are wary of downloading an app can still benefit from contactless check-in.

This process is easier for your hotel to set up, because it is a simpler experience overall. The downside is that because it is simpler, you are missing out on some marketing opportunities and only providing contactless options for check-in and not the full guest journey. However, it is a great place to start.


To set up mobile web check in, you’ll need to work with your PMS provider. Jonas Chorum PMS has a web check in option. We provide a contactless check-in option for every guest. Embed the web link in a pre-arrival email sent via your existing CRM, new guest marketing solution, or as a manual email send.   

Dedicated mobile app

A branded mobile app allows guests to fully check-in beforehand. With a digital key integration, guests can receive their room key without ever visiting the lobby.

Setting up a mobile app is a larger investment than web check-in, but it comes with many benefits. It has unique marketing opportunities across the guest journey. An app lets you share destination details, let guests build an itinerary, and showcase all your amenities, from spa bookings to room menus and beyond.

What’s more, if you have loyal, repeat guests who stay at your property on a regular basis, they can book their next stay directly on your app.

Chorum Guest Mobile does all of this in a branded app that looks like your hotel built it yourselves. Launch an app with no technical expertise that guests can easily download in the app store.

Still not convinced?

Contactless technology increases guest satisfaction, enhanced digital security for guests, and drives revenue across the board. It seems like a lot of improvements from one piece of technology, so here’s how contactless check-in can do all of that. 

Increase guest satisfaction.
One of the direct benefits of contactless technology is the increase in guest satisfaction. The ability to check-in prior to arrival right from a mobile device truly empowers guests to maximize their stay.

Contactless check-in allows guests to bypass any lines in the front lobby, saving them valuable time while ensuring they feel comfortable on your property.

Enhance safety and security.
Mobile technology is often more secure than standard processes. It reduces the chances of human error and information getting into the wrong hands.

The Chorum Guest Mobile App as well as our mobile web check-in are built with data encryption and ID verification technology, ensuring guests’ information is both safe and secure while eliminating guesswork from front desk staff.

Drive more revenue and increase your bottom line.

First, as more and more hotels implement contactless solutions, hotels that decide not to are putting themselves at risk of falling behind. Stay ahead of the trends that have arisen in the last few years with contactless options.

Second, if your hotel goes the mobile app route, there are many new marketing opportunities. Save OTA fees from direct bookings on your app. Allow guests to purchase amenities, services, and room upgrades all with a simple click of a button.

Jonas Chorum PMS helps hotels set up contactless check-in options via mobile web or a mobile app. If you are interested in learning more, request a demo with our team today! And be sure to download our contactless solutions guide for hotels for all the information you need about contactless solution implementation.

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