Cloud-Based PMS: 5 Ways Cloud Software can Increase Hotel Revenue

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A cloud-based PMS is a user-friendly, cost-effective option that enhances every aspect of a hotel’s daily operations. From intuitive staff training to cost reduction and improving time management, hotels will quickly see a difference in making the switch from an on-site solution. 

Most of all, picking the right cloud-based hotel PMS system can make a substantial impact on hotel revenue. A cloud-based software solution that offers features like automated revenue-management tools, revenue maximization tools, and insightful reporting capabilities will ensure hoteliers have the ability to improve their bottom line after making the switch.

Here are five ways a cloud-based PMS can increase your hotel’s revenue:

1. Remove hardware costs from your budget

Before we get to the revenue-building advantages of a cloud-based PMS, we should point out the money-saving benefits of simply making the switch. Chorum PMS’ true cloud technology means no hardware upkeep at your hotel and no visits from IT support, alleviating hotel costs, and headaches, down the road. Plus, the implementation itself is fast and cheap, making for an incredibly easy setup process that doesn’t require any hardware to live at your hotel.

2. Reduce hotel staff training costs

A cloud-based PMS solution is traditionally more user-friendly than your typical hardware system. That’s because as technology has advanced, so has our understanding of intuitive design in technology, which can greatly shorten the learning curve of hotel software systems, thus reducing training times and training costs for your hotel staff. 

Chorum PMS makes training a breeze, taking only 16 hours to train your entire hotel staff. Should you have any questions, you’ll enjoy 24/7 support thanks to Jonas Chorum’s client support.

In the end, you’ll not only be reducing hotel expenses, but you’ll be increasing confidence and satisfaction among your staff who will have more time creating personalized experiences for guests.

3. Upsell capabilities at check-in

Chorum Cloud-Based PMS Upselling Capabilities

Switching to a cloud-based PMS is already an efficient upgrade in terms of lowering costs. But the right cloud-based property management system should also help you improve revenue directly through its software.

Chorum PMS helps hotels maximize revenue opportunities even at check-in with easy-to-apply upselling features all through the cloud. Front desk staff are powered with upselling tools that will not only benefit guests with room upgrades but also benefit your bottom line.

In fact, hotels that have implemented Chorum PMS into their daily operations have seen more guests accepting room upgrades at check-in, leading to more incremental revenue annually.

4. Automated occupancy-based rate tiering

Chorum Cloud-Based PMS Built-in Revenue Management

Setting rates is a cumbersome, time-consuming process. That’s why making the switch to a cloud-based PMS solution with automated rate tiering improves time management and increases hotel revenue.

Chorum PMS’ innovative rate management functionality is a hands-free approach to ensuring your hotel is maintaining occupancy levels while getting the most revenue possible. All you have to do is choose the criteria that are important to you. From there, Chorum PMS’ automated rate tiering system will monitor occupancy and increase or decrease your hotel’s rates based on the criteria you selected.

You can even see how Chorum PMS’ automated yield management functionality has increased revenue and saved time for hoteliers.

5. Make the best revenue-driving decisions with reporting capabilities

Your hotel is constantly changing. From rates to occupancy, there’s a lot to decipher when it comes to making the most informed decisions for your hotel. That’s where reporting capabilities, like Chorum PMS’ daily and weekly forecast reports, can help you determine the next steps to maximize your hotel’s revenue.

Using a 360-degree view of your business, hoteliers can generate reports that will provide key insight into key performance indicators and data points like RevPAR, ADR, and occupancy rates.

Thanks to true cloud technology you can access and review your hotel reports, or access any tool within the Chorum PMS suite, anywhere you have internet access. Whether you’re on a tablet off property or on mobile on the go, you’ll be able to make the best revenue-driving decisions for your hotel from anywhere.

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Increase hotel revenue, improve time management, and reduce costs with the Chorum PMS, one of the leading providers in cloud-based solutions for independent hotels and chain hotels.

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