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Case Study: Peppertree Hospitality Group

The Peppertree Hospitality Group (PHG) is a family owned and operated hospitality management company that has been in business since 1992. With a commitment to quality and growth, PHG develops, operates, and manages mid to upper scale hotels as well as food and beverage management. Their portfolio includes both Best Western Plus and Premier properties, as well as a variety of retail spaces and quick serve restaurants. Their focus is on providing outstanding service to their guests and clients, with the goal of being the premier hospitality management group in the Pacific Northwest.

The Peppertree Hospitality Group has always relied on a single property management software system in all of the years that they have been operating, and that solution is Jonas Chorum. The longevity of staying on the same software speaks to the relationship formed over the years. “The team at Jonas Chorum is always there to support us,” stated Khara Nixon, Vice President of Operations with Peppertree Hospitality Group. “They are always willing to listen and proactively seek out our opinions regarding the software, which really goes a long way to ensuring we have the best experience possible.” In addition, their management team has been quite happy with the software overall as well. As Khara stated, “We are running multiple properties on Jonas Chorum, and each time we opened a new hotel, it was an easy decision to go with Chorum versus any of the other competing products out there. It truly is an amazing property management software and we are very happy with both the company and the product.”

With Jonas Chorum, the Peppertree Hospitality Group has been able to increase revenue, streamline operations, and remain up and running at all times. From a revenue standpoint, the ability to leverage the automated yield management functionality—just one piece of a full suite of revenue management tools—within Jonas Chorum has helped PHG maximize their revenue on a daily basis. As Khara stated, “The yield management functionality made us a lot of money, as we were able to implement occupancy-based tiering and ensure we always had the right strategy in place to maintain our occupancy levels. Also, because this was fully automated, we no longer had to perform time consuming manual rate changes, which really saved us a lot of time as well.” With regards to streamlining operations, the intuitive and easy-to-use nature of Jonas Chorum has been extremely beneficial to all of the properties under the Peppertree Hospitality Group. “With Chorum, the functionality is expansive, yet the process to complete most tasks is very simple,” stated Khara. “Performing simple things such as copying a reservation or even the automated email confirmations have truly made our lives easier and we couldn’t imagine our lives without them.”

Another area which has improved their overall operations has been the mobile capabilities included with Jonas Chorum. Peppertree Hospitality Group is able to leverage the staff-facing mobile solutions, such as mobile housekeeping, to simplify their maintenance process while empowering housekeeping staff. “With the Chorum mobile application, our housekeeping supervisors can easily update the room status or mark maintenance calls as complete, which automatically syncs with the property management system,” stated Khara. “The mobile functionality is great and has really increased our overall efficiency while streamlining the process between front desk, housekeeping, and maintenance staff.” With Chorum Sync also in place, each of the PHG properties are able to ensure they are fully operational at all times. As Khara stated, “The connectivity is essential for us, as we do often lose power, so to have something in place such as Chorum Sync that keeps us up and running has been a huge benefit for each of our properties.”

With Jonas Chorum in place at all of their properties, Peppertree Hospitality Group knows they have a software partner for life. The relationship built with Jonas Chorum over the years has truly created a level of trust and comfort. So much so, that Jonas Chorum is really the only software vendor PHG would consider using. “If we ever tried to switch to anything besides Jonas Chorum, I would definitely be opposed to that change,” Khara stated. “We have a great thing here with Chorum, we love the support, and we really appreciate how they are always looking to enhance their software to meet the needs of clients such as ourselves.” Having been able to enhance their business in all areas, while ensuring they are running as efficiently as possible, Peppertree Hospitality Group and all of their management team are very happy with the software. With the backing of a leading cloud property management software in Jonas Chorum, Peppertree Hospitality Group is confident that they have the right solution to manage their operations today, as well as into the future.

Jonas Chorum is a suite of streamlined, intuitive and flexible property management solutions, designed to provide hotels with everything they need to operate more efficiently and cost effectively, all while delivering a personalized guest experience. Product offerings include Chorum PMSChorum CRSChorum Mobile and Chorum Sync. The cloud-based platform features a lineup of high-tech applications and user-friendly features, making it a superior software solution for independent hotels, chain hotels and hotel management companies. With its sophisticated software and elegant platform architecture, Jonas Chorum delivers unparalleled functionality and systems integration with a clean, intuitive, and streamlined user interface that is remarkably easy to use. The Jonas Chorum suite of solutions was designed with hotel management professionals in mind, ensuring the product meets the needs of the hospitality industry today.

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