How staff messaging powered by your PMS increases operational efficiency and upsell opportunities

Clear and regular communication has always been essential to a well-run hotel. Staff shortages and turnover is rising alongside an increased need for operational efficiency. In this scenario, your technology needs to help, not hurt. There’s one area that no hotel can afford to overlook: flexible staff messaging integrated (or better yet, built into!) your property management system. Staff mobile improves:

  • Staff safety and confidence
  • Guest satisfaction
  • On the go reporting

Increasing staff safety & confidence

Your property management system is at the core of your business – and it should actively help everyone on-site to do their job.

Safe and reliable communications are essential. A study conducted by Relay found that faulty walkie-talkies dramatically impact your workforce. One in five respondents said they felt at risk due to bad technology, and nearly 50% said they would consider leaving a job for a company that offered better communication tools.  

Jonas Chorum has a property management tool that empowers staff with real-time communications features. With us, your PMS can create and manage housekeeping tasks, update room status’, connect maintenance (with text + photos!) and improve your ability to clearly and effectively talk to staff throughout the day. Learn more about Jonas Chorum’s housekeeping technology.

Your staff is empowered to make decisions while still centralizing management and oversight. If you’re short-staffed, you need to be able to make quick decisions, and the right technology helps you do just that. 

Increasing guest satisfaction

If things are moving seamlessly behind the scenes, your guests are happy. Mobile staff communications are essential to that seamless guest experience. With PMS-powered communications, problems are solved before guests even know they’ve arisen.  

Chorum’s PMS is device agnostic and mobile friendly. It runs on any mobile or tablet device to allow for faster check-ins. If a line starts to form, staff can help guests through the line by accessing the PMS on a tablet and getting the process started from anywhere in the lobby.

The full check-in dashboard is available on the mobile version, so staff can select rooms, suggest up-sell opportunities, and verify housekeeping without having to go back to the desk.

Increasing ease of reporting  

In addition to communication between staff, you also need to be able to access key business insights on the go. Most hoteliers aren’t sitting at a desk all day, so it’s essential that you have the ability to pull reports from anywhere.

These days, hotels have been forced to do more with less. Technology should be there to fill in the gaps. Better technology makes it easy to work in this demanding new environment, because you can make decisions quickly with more information. With Chorum PMS, you can pull RevPAR, ADR, ARR, and occupancy rates from anywhere.

Improve communications and access with a cloud-based PMS that prioritizes real-time speed and flexibility. Learn more about Chorum PMS.

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