Your hotel property management system should do more for your portfolio: the importance of a multi-property enterprise PMS

Every hotel brand is sitting on a lot of data: information about guests, your properties, revenue, operations and so much more. The only way to make strategic business decisions is to have access to rolled-up, consolidating reporting at your fingertips. Your property management system is the hub of your day-to-day operations; it’s also the hub of the data you need for business intelligence.

If you’re a hotel brand, a management company, or you oversee a portfolio of many hotels, and you are currently evaluating property management systems, you need to ask: how do my property-level solutions help brand-level decision making? At this stage in travel recovery, it’s time to invest in smart solutions. When making a technology purchasing decision, consider how you can maximize your investment with tools that help both individual property and overall brand strategy.

Consolidated, rolled up reports

Your property management system has the business intelligence you need to make informed decisions. An enterprise hotel PMS that maximizes your investment needs to have robust reporting capabilities, both at the property level as well as rolled-up reporting across your portfolio.

Some of the reporting types that an enterprise PMS should include:

  • Top-line performance summary
  • Year over year performance
  • ADR across properties
  • Occupancy
  • Revenue by booking channel, market segment
  • And more

When looking for a PMS solution for a full portfolio, consider what reports you need given your compset, and ask how your potential vendor displays them. With Jonas Chorum, we have these key reports, and many more. We also have the option to work with brands to customize reports based on their specific business goals.

Jonas Chorum's Enterprise dashboard for multi-property management, featuring consolidated reporting across your portfolio.

All of our enterprise reports are available to download. You can also set up e-mail scheduling so that reports are regularly sent to internal and external users, keeping key information top of mind.

Our visual multi-property reporting dashboard gives you a quick performance snapshot, with the option to drill down for data collected directly from your PMS. Our consolidated reporting is easy to access and share so that you can make business decisions faster with better insights.

User management, security and SSO

Take a step back when making an enterprise hotel PMS decision and ask yourself: who needs to have access to all the essential data and reports in your PMS? We have the option of e-mailing reports to anyone on a regular schedule from within the interface, but many people may also need access to the system itself. There’s the obvious answer of front desk staff, your GM and property-level management. But most likely you have staff who may need to access multiple properties’ operational tools at once.

The question to ask your potential vendor is, how do you handle user management? Ask about what security tools they have in place to restrict access, as well as how easy they make it to switch between properties and see everything at once. 

For example, Jonas Chorum’s Enterprise tools include a single-sign-on (SSO) interface that allows one person to use the same account across properties. Create account types with specific access and functionality as needed where needed, and then assign users to those custom types.

Our enterprise solutions scale to your organization. You need a PMS that has the ability to onboard everyone into the PMS who needs access, allowing you to run your business more effectively.

Support and service  

Stellar support is what sets good technology apart from great technology. The reality of today’s travel market is that most brands have made difficult decisions and are trying to do more work with fewer resources. Your technology partners need to step up to fill in the gaps.

An enterprise hotel PMS solution that truly scales to your needs should include a dedicated account manager, so you always have someone to call if things go wrong. Here at Jonas Chorum, support is one of the pillars of our success. We’ve revolutionized the way PMS support works, by reducing our overall backlog and bringing product development closer to our customers.

A property management system that scales

Jonas Chorum PMS is designed to meet the demands of your team, no matter the size. Our product development is informed by real customer needs, including our Enterprise solutions. We work alongside our customers to understand what they need and grow the solution based on their feedback. We’re here to help your organization grow. See an in-depth demo of our PMS here. For a full product tour, contact us for a demo of Chorum PMS with enterprise solutions today.

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