Choosing the Right Technology to Operate Your Hotel in the New Normal

Choosing the Right Technology to Operate Your Hotel in the New Normal

As hotels continue to re-open and guests begin looking for safe travel opportunities, it is essential that hotels have the right technology in place to attract travelers in today’s climate. With occupancy rates already reduced, and travelers worried about the cleanliness and safety of staying at a hotel, hotels need to leverage whatever competitive advantage they have available to them to attract visitors. Having said that, one key aspect of hotel operations can have a big impact on business – investing in the right technology. With so many options available in regards to features and functionality, identifying software vendors with a commitment to technological advancements and a modern platform can be the difference between your property succeeding, or quickly falling behind the competition. Let’s look at some of the key questions hotels should be asking regarding technology when researching property management systems in the new normal.

Is the software cloud-based or on premise?

While cloud technology has been around for many years now, many software vendors within the hospitality industry continue to offer on premise systems. However, as a result of the recent pandemic, the importance of a true cloud-based PMS solution has become even more heightened. As hoteliers look to minimize physical touchpoints at their properties, while simultaneously increasing their accessibility while working remotely, the benefits that a cloud-based system offers quickly become apparent. For one, there is no need to manage physical, on-site servers, which are very costly to operate and require high levels of ongoing maintenance. In today’s cost sensitive world, the reality is that these servers are quickly becoming a burden, rather than a source of stability as previously thought. With continual advancements to cloud technology, reliability is no longer an issue. Instead, cloud-based property management systems allow for greater access to the software from anywhere, reduce hotel operating costs, and modernize the hotel to integrate with increasingly important functionality such as mobile applications and contactless solutions, which leads into the next question.

Do I really need contactless solutions at my hotel?

This question has likely been asked many times across properties all over the world as hoteliers continue to grapple with the effects of the pandemic. The short answer to this question is a resounding, yes. While technically hotels don’t need to invest in contactless solutions, the reality is that if they want to attract business in this current climate and future-proof their properties for success, they ideally should be investing in some form of contactless technology. With a high degree of fear when it comes to interacting with other guests, accessing common areas, and even staying in the hotel room, it’s easy to see why occupancy has dropped to staggeringly low levels. Having said that, hotels would be remiss to not even consider the option of implementing features such as contactless check-in and check-out, guest communication, room requests from a mobile device, and even keyless room entry. All of these options are available within Chorum Mobile, which directly integrates to the Jonas Chorum property management system. This type of technology can easily be implemented, and has been proven to minimize the fear of travelers, while also providing hotels with a competitive advantage in the market. There are even more contactless solution features you should consider when selecting the right technology for your hotel.

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What about mobile technology and applications for staff?

Another aspect that ties hand-in-hand with contactless solutions and guest-facing mobility, is the ability for staff to leverage mobility on property. While the hospitality industry often focuses on keeping guests safe and creating new standards to ensure they feel comfortable on property, hoteliers also need to seriously consider the safety of their staff. Having said that, investing in a property management system with staff-facing mobility can ease the worries of hotel staff. One important area to look at when researching different property management systems, is what kind of mobile technology does the software vendor provide. Is it directly integrated with the system? Can this technology automate processes and streamline communication between staff and to guests? Will it allow my hotel to better maintain new cleanliness standards? These are all important questions that must be asked, especially if a hotel wants to survive in this new normal. With Jonas Chorum for example, mobility was designed as an integral part of the software since its inception, rather than just an additional feature. The ability for housekeeping staff to leverage tablets and complete digital checklists can help hotels maintain new cleanliness protocols. Information is transferred in real-time, reducing trips between housekeeping and the front desk, enhancing staff safety in the process. In addition, the ability to communicate with guests right to their mobile device, helps reduce face-to-face interaction, which can go a long way to quelling any guest fears about staying at your hotel. Watch our mobile management video and learn how mobile capabailities can elevate your property and learn more about hotel front desk software that improves hotel operations.

The key to finding the right technology for your property is to do the research and determine if the software vendor has made the necessary investments in modernizing its platform and advancing their technology to operate effectively in this new normal. The questions posed in this article should be in addition to the standard questions normally asked around core functionality that meet the needs of your specific property. If you notice your current property management system lacks features such as contactless technology, mobility, and guest communication for example, it might be time to start looking for a software partner that offers these capabilities. Whenever this current pandemic ends, the reality is that hotels will need to adapt quickly to continue attracting new business. However, it is becoming clear that hotels investing in the right technology will hold an advantage in both the short and long term.

If you would like to learn more about Jonas Chorum and our suite of property management solutions, request a demo today and find out why we are one of the fastest growing hotel management software vendors in North America. With our true cloud technology, contactless solutions, and mobile platform, enhance the experience for your guests and streamline hotel operations in this new normal.

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