Top 5 Benefits of a Cloud PMS

We all know that a property management system empowers hoteliers to improve operations, increase sales, streamline processes and enhance customer service. But what are the specific benefits of cloud-based PMS that you don’t get from the traditional on-premise solutions that most hotels continue to use?

In this article, we’ll cover the top five benefits of a no-install, cloud PMS software solution. Here’s why switching from an on-premise solution to the cloud is right for you.

Reduced Cost

One of the main benefits of going for a cloud-based solution is that you do not need to cover the upfront investment of hardware and infrastructure. Unlike on-premise installations, you don’t need to purchase hardware like servers or networking accessories. In many cases, there’s also no upfront cost for the software or licensing for third-party operating or database systems.

Instead, cloud-based PMS providers charge in monthly or yearly subscriptions, keeping your costs low and predictable. Server maintenance is a thing of the past. You simply need a desktop or laptop with access to the internet. Without the need for any on-premise installation or maintenance, you’re up and running, working on the software through your browser.

Available Where You Need It

Switching over to cloud-based software enables you to introduce mobile capabilities in your business. Your staff doesn’t need to be tied to a desk to access the system. Puts access to the PMS within reach for departments that are frequently on the go.

Staff Mobile Check-In Tablet

Solutions like Chorum Staff Mobile puts your PMS in staff’s hands everywhere they go. Employees can use a tablet to enter data in the PMS, in real time where they’re actually doing their work:

  • Housekeepers can service rooms more efficiently and update availability status in real time
  • Maintenance engineers can log work orders on the spot, take photos and post them to the PMS, and manage tasks on the go
  • Front desk staff can pick up a tablet and check in guests waiting in line in the lobby 
  • Managers can see what’s happening at the hotel from anywhere, even if they’re not on site

Hotel employees are already mobile, a cloud-based PMS simply puts the system in their hands, enabling them to work more efficiently.

Greater Collaboration

The different departments in your hotel need to work in sync to optimize the guest experience. It makes a bad impression when a guest arrives to check in and the front office doesn’t know what rooms are clean and available to assign. As noted above, with a cloud-based PMS your employees can stay on the same page and serve your guests seamlessly. The most up to date information is available in real-time to every employee who needs it.

When a guest checks out, the PMS automatically updates the housekeeper in that section. No more relying on an hours-old printed room assignment sheet, they’ll always know which rooms are vacant awaiting cleaning. No more knocking on every door, waiting for guests to depart.

Automatic Updates

You don’t need to maintain an IT team to install upgrades or maintain server operating system patches for your cloud-based PMS. System upgrades are also faster, reducing downtime at the hotel.

A cloud-based PMS is also highly secure and actually reduces your hotel’s exposure to data breaches.

Revolutionary Integrations

Cloud property management systems can still interface with your legacy on-premise systems such as PBX or point-of-sale. Their true integration power lies in how seamlessly they can integrate with other cloud systems such as hotel CRS software and revenue management systems.

Now you can connect your property data directly to OTAs and leverage your guest data to send personalized marketing campaigns. The level of integration possible with a cloud-based PMS is unparalleled.

Jonas Chorum PMS is built on ARC, an open API platform that makes it possible for us to seamlessly integrate with third-party systems.

Jonas Chorum Cloud-Based PMS Software For Hotels

If you’re one of the thousands of hoteliers still sitting on the fence about moving your property management system to the cloud, consider these five points. Could your hotel benefit? Chances are the answer is yes. Let’s schedule a demo on how a cloud-based PMS can help.

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