Improve the guest journey with a better hotel property management system

As we look ahead to the future, we can see clear trends. Business and leisure travel are merging, bookings are changing, and the overall guest experience is key. Managing, engaging, and enhancing the guest journey is integral to future success.

Hoteliers need to invest in technology that helps every step along the way. Improving the guest journey will be a key component to increasing occupancy and ADR. Technology is essential to that success. Invest in solutions that drive guest engagement at every step of the journey.

Your guests never directly interact with your property management system, but it is at the core of their experience. Invest in a PMS vendor that offers a suite of solutions for the guest journey, while improving property management, and integrating with additional systems. 

Jonas Chorum does all of that and more. We deliver property management functionality for the front office, back office, housekeeping, and maintenance, which also integrates to our CRS, guest mobile app, and email marketing solution. Our PMS platform is built on Jonas ARC, a simple and secure API that allows us to send information wherever it needs to go.

Your property management system needs to do a lot of things. For some key considerations to evaluate, read our Guide to Selecting a PMS. We also recommend selecting a vendor that does more than just property management. Consolidate your technology investments with a vendor that helps you enhance the guest journey through:

  • Better on-property experience
  • Email marketing for the whole guest journey
  • Dedicated mobile app integrations

How your PMS can provide a better on-property experience

Your PMS must be built with guest experience in mind. It should help, not hinder, making their stay seamless behind the scenes:

  • Before they check-in: your PMS should power pre-arrival communications, with guest messaging that includes up-sell opportunities and add-on amenities
  • At check in: an easy-to-use interface makes desk check-in fast, and mobile functionality means they can choose a contactless check-in on the go
  • During their stay: make it easy to stay in contact, via email, text messaging, or through your mobile app

In addition to in-app functionality, your PMS should integrate with marketing solutions that improve the guest experience across devices. 

Email marketing, the guest experience, and your PMS

Improving guest communication is an important way to enhance the overall experience. If you’re new to hotel email marketing, read up on Email Automation 101 for Hotels. Email marketing can have a big impact on the overall experience because it allows you to shape their stay with you before they even arrive.

Use email to engage with the guest journey from the moment they book to after they stay. You can use email to confirm a reservation, share check-in information, promote local offers, and market upsell opportunities. There are many email marketing systems out there, but as a hotel, you need one specifically built for hospitality.

More specifically, your property management system needs to be able to connect to your email marketing solution. This connection allows you to build guest profiles and automate booking communications. Many PMS vendors limit this connectivity, but Chorum PMS has its own guest messaging solution, as well as the ability to connect to others.

Consider a dedicated mobile app

In addition to email marketing, a dedicated hotel mobile app allows you to further engage and excite your guests. Having a hotel app allows them to start their journey with you before they walk through your front doors.

With a mobile app, your guests can check in remotely for a contactless experience that still includes up-sell opportunities. Integrating with a digital room key even allows them to skip the front desk entirely. What’s more, just like with email marketing, you can use the app for unique marketing opportunities throughout their journey with you.

Of course, you need a PMS that can handle this integration. A hotel mobile app needs to pull guest stay data from the PMS. Chorum has this connectivity, as well as a mobile app partner. Build and launch a customizable app that fits your hotel’s needs and delights your guests.

A PMS that can do it all

Your property management system is at the heart of hotel operations – and the guest journey. Jonas Chorum builds better hotel software. Engage and excite your guests with a single technology provider that can do all this and more.

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