How a modern PMS can increase revenue

Any hotelier knows that a property management system can help you manage your room inventory, handle guest billing, and help any number of daily processes run smoothly. But a well-connected PMS has a direct effect on your revenue potential. A modern, cloud-based PMS can increase revenue opportunities pre-arrival, at the desk, and throughout their stay.

The Relationship between PMS Integration and Revenue

The automation and streamlining of manual tasks are a given with almost any property management system. However, a cloud-based PMS offers seamless integrations that makes nearly every aspect of your hotel’s operations more efficient.

This ability to integrate with highly specialized third-party systems can have major impacts on your hotel’s bottom line. There are many possibilities (far too many to list in this short blog!) but here are just a few examples:

Personalize Services and Offers

Integrate with a hospitality-focused Guest Messaging System (GMS) which lets you send out personalized communications to future guests before they arrive. Connect the guest data from your property management system to a proactive email marketing program. This type of personalization can also help fill in times of soft demand by selling dynamic packages, add-on services, and special offers during the low season.

New to how email marketing works with your PMS? We’ve written about email automation 101 to help you get started. Chorum offers an integrated PMS + GMS to help you increase revenue through the data you’re already storing in your PMS.

Create Upsell and Cross-Sell Opportunities

Guests are willing to pay more for services if they’re relevant to them. Traditionally, the front office wasn’t able to widen your sales opportunities because doing so would slow down the check-in process. With the right PMS, upsell opportunities are at your front desk agent’s fingertips. Learn more about upsell opportunities in this Tim’s Takes video.

A modern PMS can be updated in real-time with room availability, so the front desk can suggest upgrade options as soon as they become available. In order to fully optimize your up-sell capabilities, your PMS needs in-app housekeeping and task management technology.

By consolidating operations into a better system, you are putting more knowledge at the front desk, where agents can easily sell based on the information relayed to them in a simple, easy-to-understand check-in dashboard.  

In addition to room upgrades, your PMS should make it easy for front desk agents to increase incremental revenue. For example, Chorum PMS’ check-in interface prompts front desk agents to ask about special requests. The dashboard can show any number of special requests, allowing you to customize and create revenue-driving possibilities, such as a breakfast voucher, parking, and more.

Capture More Online Bookings at Better Rates

Potential guests have more choices than ever before to book travel and accommodations. Your property management system must seamlessly integrate with technology that allows you to take control of your bookings, such as an RMS or CRS in order to maximize revenue potential. Any solution designed to improve distribution will only have a high ROI if your PMS can send accurate data to them.

Having a revenue management system in your distribution toolkit gives hotels greater pricing power than ever before possible. You can sell more rooms at the rates you want to sell them at by investing in a PMS that ensures your inventory is always up to date.

In the same vein, a seamless integration between your property management and CRS takes your distribution strategy up a notch. Tighter control over inventory available to all of your channels will increase revenue across direct and indirect channels.

Once again, your CRS and RMS are only as accurate and impactful on your bottom line as the tools you use to manage your hotel inventory and operations. Chorum CRS is a central reservation system that boosts your distribution while increasing efficiency.

Save Costs and Increase Revenues

As it turns out, a connected PMS not only helps you increase room revenue. It can also increase ancillary revenue, boost guest loyalty, reduce your costs by automating processes, and increase accuracy through a centralized, powerful system. As we’ve discussed throughout this article, the key to this is powerful integrations between the systems you use to power hotel operations and other hotel technology.

Chorum PMS is built on the cloud-based Jonas ARC integration platform. Jonas ARC enables seamless integration between our PMS to hundreds of hotel technology solutions, from guest messaging to online distribution. Trusted by over 3600 hotels, Jonas ARC offers the industry’s best reliability and widest compatibility.

If you’re looking for a better ROI from your hotel’s PMS, consider what a fully integrated, cloud-based PMS can do for you. Don’t overlook this competitive advantage! Schedule a demo of Chorum PMS today.

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