What to Look for in a Hotel PMS

hotel staff reviewing performance

Shopping for a new hotel PMS?

Simply put, if you want to streamline your hotel’s operations, you need software that is designed to enhance the staff and guest experience.

Simple, intuitive design, mobile functionality, and built-in features are just a few facets of a PMS that leads to efficient hotel operations, increased profit per available room, and happier guests.

Whether you’re looking for independent hotel software or software for flagship hotels, here’s what to look for in a hotel PMS:

#1. Mobile-friendly functionality

hotelier using hotel pms on mobile

At the swipe of a finger or the press of a button, incorporating a mobile-friendly hotel PMS into your daily operations is a MUST. We live in a mobile-first world and the software your hotel uses should reflect that.

With a mobile-friendly PMS and the right hotel front desk software, hotel operations run smoother and more efficiently, allowing hotel staff to spend more time building authentic relationships with guests and improving the overall guest experience while away from the front desk.

#2. Accessibility from anywhere

Whether it’s your smartphone or tablet, at home or away, having access to your hotel software from any internet-enabled device or location has become an integral aspect of a truly efficient hotel PMS.

Cloud PMS software makes it easier for hoteliers to manage important day-to-day operations from anywhere. Plus, a cloud-based PMS means fewer on-site IT requirements and on-site installations, leading to a positive, smoother experience for hoteliers.

#3. Upsell opportunities at the click of a button

How do you enhance the guest experience—and increase your bottom line—from the moment the guest reaches the front desk?

Through upgrades, add-ons, and special requests at the press of a button.

A press of a button is all it should take for front desk staff to easily upgrade the guest experience while simultaneously increasing hotel profit. Now, the check-in process becomes an opportunity to drive incremental revenue every single day.

#4. Leverage occupancy-based rate tiering

A hotel PMS should ensure that your hotel remains profitable and maximizes revenue-earning opportunities. Using a hotel PMS with automated rate management lets you set the criteria you desire by rate tier, while the PMS does the rest, leading to an increase in your bottom line.

#5. Easy-to-use manual rate adjustments

Built-in Revenue Management

When it comes to rate management, manual control is a must-have feature. A hotel PMS that supports manual rate management lets you easily set rates based on room type or rate code and apply those rates to the date ranges you select.

#6. Easily communicate with hotel staff

An efficient hotel PMS should support communication across every department of your hotel staff, from the front desk to housekeeping, ensuring that your hotel is running smoothly at all times. A PMS that includes the functionality of a task management system keeps all your operating power in one easy-to-use software.

#7. Seamless training process 

When factoring in the costs to switch to a more modern PMS, don’t overlook the staff costs. Every hour your staff is training is an hour they can’t be engaging guests or growing your brand. The best hotel software systems are designed to be intuitive and allow key staff to quickly become experts.

#8. Simple group bookings management

Optimize revenue and profitability with a hotel PMS that can streamline the groups process, lightening your workload and leading to enhanced guest satisfaction. Through rate flexibility, your hotel PMS should be able to set either the same rate or offer unique rates daily for group bookings.

#9. Daily and weekly forecast generation

hotel pms forecasts and data

A hotel PMS with enhanced reporting capabilities, like daily and weekly forecasts, will provide you the insight you need to make the best profit-earning decisions for your hotel.

#10. Report creation for greater insight into hotel performance

To put it simply, if you want to truly maximize your hotel’s performance, a hotel PMS should be able to provide historical data that you can implement into your revenue management strategy. 

If your hotel PMS doesn’t provide key data like:

  • Room revenue
  • Payment details
  • Room inventory
  • Guest activity
  • RevPAR
  • ADR
  • ARR
  • Occupancy rates

Then it’s time to switch to the Chorum Hotel PMS System.

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