The Importance of Property Management Software Uptime

The Importance of Property Management Software Uptime

With hotels operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the technology being used at the property has to be reliable. For each minute that a property’s software is down or unresponsive, not only is revenue lost, but guest satisfaction is negatively impacted as well. In addition, hotel staff is likely to get frustrated with the inability to serve guests and typically end up wasting time on the phone with their software vendors support team. Needless to say, the impact of property management software being down is felt throughout the hotel and does not make for good business. While many software providers pride themselves on the great customer support provided in the event their software goes down, the fact of the matter is regular downtime should not be a common occurrence in the first place.

The cost of software downtime has a lasting effect on both profitability and productivity. While most hotels have to come to accept certain levels of downtime or an occasional outage, the truth is that with property management software vendors, such as Jonas Chorum, your hotel does not have to make these concessions. With industry-leading 99.99% uptime, Jonas Chorum Sync provides true cloud software to manage your property, all without having to worry about lost revenue or dissatisfied guests due to outages. However, even if internet service goes down, which is completely unrelated to the software itself, Chorum Sync’s data sync technology and offline capabilities allow your property to enjoy 100% uptime, regardless of any type of downtime.

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When your hotel experiences internet connectivity issues, Chorum Sync detects the outage and automatically activates to ensure your hotel is up and running while offline. During this time, the software can be operated as usual without any interruption to service, eliminating the costly effects of downtime, while allowing your hotel to maintain high-levels of guest satisfaction. Once internet service is restored, Chorum Sync automatically updates your database with all changes made during the internet service disruption. With no complex network requirements or expensive IT setup involved, Chorum Sync ensures maximum uptime at any hotel.

While many properties assume downtime and outages are a rare occurrence, this is often not the case. Whether it’s the internet going down, network maintenance or upgrades that are required, or even unexpected issues such as environmental causes or faulty hardware, no hotel is exempt from inevitable service interruptions. However, with solutions such as Chorum Sync, you can make certain that your hotel remains operational at all times. Not only will hotel staff and guests appreciate this, but the property as a whole will be more consistent and productive, which will only help the bottom line.

Interested in learning more about Chorum Sync? Please visit our Chorum Sync product page for more information and request a demo today. Don’t continue to accept regular outages and downtime. Take control of your property and invest in software that will improve hotel operations – your staff and your guests will thank you for it!

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