How Hotels Can Effectively Utilize Social Media to Engage Guests and Increase Brand Awareness

How Hotels Can Effectively Utilize Social Media to Engage Guests and Increase Brand Awareness

The convenience of the internet and social media has made the vacationing and lodging process much easier for travelers all around the world, because it offers a wide variety of options and information. On the other hand, the internet has had a complicated effect on the hotel industry. Although it has improved visibility and expanded the audience that hotels have, it has also intensified competition and increased the pressure for hotels to maintain their performance and keep up with trends. As a hotelier, it is important to recognize that with increased online competition, a hotel must have an online presence strong enough to stand out from the competition.

Having said that, one of the best ways to quickly and affordably showcase your property is through social media. Guests today want to be able to see where they are going, what other people are saying, and truly feel engaged with the hotel. Social media allows for visual-based marketing, which fits perfectly with the hospitality industry. While many hotels have social media accounts setup, they are often underutilized and sparsely updated. Here are a few reasons and benefits as to why your hotel should be investing more time and putting more effort into enhancing your social media presence.

Highlight Your Property
A hotel has a lot more to offer than just a room, therefore it is important for hoteliers to highlight these unique features on social media, because guests don’t travel far and wide to stay in their hotel room the whole time. For that reason, hotels should use their social media platforms to be informative about the amenities that await them if they stay at your property. For example, if you have a distinctive location that is very scenic, a great restaurant, or a wide range of on-site activities, the goal for any hotel should be to leverage social media and highlight the greatest aspects of your property. Not only will this create a personal touch when it comes to the guest experience, but these types of unique posts typically get shared most often, helping your hotel increase its reach and visibility.

Use Social Media to Find Your Target Audience and Reach New Clients
One of the most useful aspects of social media is that it aids businesses in recognizing and establishing a brand identity. For hoteliers, this is one of the most important aspects when it comes to establishing a well-known hotel with consistent occupancy. Once a hotelier gains a better understanding of the makeup of their customer base, it becomes easier to target them through social media by creating relevant content specifically made to pique their interest. The platform that a hotel puts most focus on makes for a strategic method to reach customers. In particular, a hotelier might choose to focus on Twitter if their customer base consists of professional and tech-savvy followers. A hotel strictly targeting business travelers would benefit from a strong LinkedIn presence. If the target is more of a younger, millennial base, using Instagram or Facebook might be more appropriate. By being active on these social media platforms, hotels have the ability to attract new customers to their properties on a regular basis.

Build a Strong Reputation
Having an online platform won’t be valuable to a hotel if it isn’t an active platform. In order to remain relevant, hoteliers must ensure that they prepare content for their followers. However, besides content, it is also extremely important to be interactive with followers by answering their questions, responding to their comments, or addressing their concerns in a professional manner. This is an important aspect of establishing an emotional connection between a hotel and a potential guest because it provides great satisfaction to receive a response in a timely manner. Not only does a hotel’s responsiveness show that it cares about their guest’s opinions, but it also demonstrates a high level of customer service as well.

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