Guest Personalization in the Hospitality Industry

Guest Personalization in the Hospitality Industry

Information is without a doubt the most valuable component to elevating the guest experience beyond the expected. Hospitality that places a greater focus on guest personalization translates into a hotel with a brand identity that can distinguish itself from the competition due to its ability to place an unwavering emphasis on customer satisfaction. Adopting a more customer-centric attitude is not a difficult endeavour, but it does require a few adjustments on the part of the hotelier. However, by treating your guests more authentically and providing a more personalized experience, hoteliers will find that they are able to foster a positive and healthy culture of hospitality.

Create Packages and Offer Add-Ons with the Guest in Mind

By offering customized packages and additional services, your property can enhance the stay of your guests and increase the likelihood of a positive review after their stay has ended. Not only does upsell opportunities help to boost revenue, it provides guests with an upgraded and memorable experience they are more likely to remember in the future. Through creating a variety of packages, such as rooms with activity bookings included or certain amenities that can be added to a room, guests have more options to help them enjoy their stay even better. A cloud PMS software solution, in combination with a top-rated hotel CRS software, will provide your hotel with flexible rate and management options to ensure guests are able to access certain deals or promotions during the booking process. In addition, with the seamless nature of our hotel front desk software, additional offers such as add-on packages and upgrades can be pre-added into the property management system – providing a quick and convenient way for front desk staff to enhance the guest experience. As a result, staff are able to provide guests with any special offers or opportunities that would otherwise have been a lost opportunity, all while improving the bottom line. Discover industry-leading software for independent hotels and flagship hotels.

Leverage Technology to Enhance the Guest Experience

Ideally, hoteliers want to provide guests with a home away from home. To do so, hoteliers are looking to integrate technology into their hotels at either the same or at a greater level than the guest themselves rely on technology in their own households. The reality of the situation is that people are hyper-connected in today’s world. In fact, reports show that the number of connected devices is expected to jump from 50 billion to 1 trillion in the next five years alone. Therefore, it is no longer enough for hotels to provide free Wi-Fi for example, as this is something a guest can easily access at any local restaurant. Instead, hoteliers should consider implementing a property management software system that allows guests to perform certain tasks themselves and access all of the hotel’s services through the comfort of their own devices. For example, the ability to perform tasks such as ordering additional pillows or towels, requesting a late checkout, and checking-in or out all can be done through a mobile application connected to the PMS, right from the guests’ mobile device. By offering more self-service options, guests will feel more empowered to make decisions and provide them with greater control over their stay.

Helpful Suggestions

Guests travel from all over the world to stay at a hotel and experience the local attractions, but most of the time they aren’t entirely knowledgeable about the surrounding community. The amenities that the community has to offer guests has the potential to satisfy a variety of interests, but often go unnoticed. Those extra steps hoteliers take to make the recommendations for local cuisine or attractions are always greatly appreciated and go along way to help promote brand loyalty. In reality, guests genuinely appreciate helpful suggestions that allow them to experience authentic and local cuisine, culture, or landscapes. Hoteliers will find that they can strengthen their brand reputation by providing useful tips that personalize the guest experience because it contributes to building a relationship between staff and guests. Additionally, providing guests with access to attractions and destinations helps to promote a hotels online presence and ultimately increase their bookings.


Upon reflection, it is usually the gestures that singularize a guest that make them feel special. It’s obvious that hoteliers, staff, and management can’t spend their time singling out each and every guest, however the same or an even greater amount of customer satisfaction is achievable through the personalization of the guest experience. On a final note, it is important to recall that the goal in hospitality is not only to take care of the guest’s needs, but to also exceed their expectations, which can be achieved by providing the best and most personalized experience possible.

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About Jonas Chorum

Jonas Chorum is a suite of streamlined, intuitive and flexible property management solutions. Jonas Chorum is designed to provide hotels with everything they need to operate more efficiently and cost effectively, all while delivering a personalized guest experience. Product offerings include Chorum PMS, Chorum CRS, and Chorum Sync. The cloud-based platform features a lineup of high-tech applications and user-friendly features, making it a superior software solution for independent hotels, chain hotels and hotel management companies.

With its sophisticated software and elegant platform architecture, Jonas Chorum delivers unparalleled functionality and systems integration with a clean, intuitive, and streamlined user interface that is remarkably easy to use. The Jonas Chorum suite of solutions was designed with hotel management professionals in mind, ensuring the product meets the needs of the hospitality industry today.

About Jonas ARC

Jonas Chorum is built on Jonas ARC, a proven, open integration platform that seamlessly connects all Jonas Hospitality products, as well as third-party systems, and offers the perfect combination of full-feature tools, affordability, and uptime. The result is a truly complete solution that is device and platform-agnostic, allowing users to manage single or multiple properties from any location, while eliminating the need for on-site IT resources and servers. Jonas Chorum is both efficient and cost-effective, delivering cutting-edge solutions across all product lines.

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