Memorable marketing for hotels: the power of branded, visual emails

Email marketing can help your hotel increase guest engagement and revenue. Communicating with guests before they arrive is now a standard part of the hotel stay experience. Guests expect to receive a confirmation email upon booking.

Most property management systems, including Chorum PMS, can send out a templated automated confirmation. These automated messages message help you connect with more customers. And a dedicated email marketing platform allows you to customize those emails for higher impact. 

Emails built with HTML allow you to create a stylish layout, drawing the eye to relevant sections. These branded emails, built in drag-and-drop editor, create a more dynamic reading experience. Most Guest Messaging Systems have an interface where you can create stylish emails without needing any coding or HTML experience.

As a hotel, it’s important to select an email editor that makes it easy to design new, eye-catching emails. For more on why visually engaging emails are important, keep reading!

Create a cohesive brand experience

Using an email editor, you can create email templates that match the overall look and feel of your hotel. Use your colors and relevant photos to capture guest attention.

Color is important! Using color selectively and to draw the eye increases reading time and recall. Putting links in your email using your brand colors (rather than the standard blue) will draw the eye where you want guests to see. An email editor will allow you to create buttons that make it clear what action guests can take.

Adding a button to your emails Is easy with a drag-and-drop editor

Making your emails match the rest of your online presence increases consumer trust. Having your logo and colors in the email makes it clear at a glance who the email is from, even when it’s an expected email like a confirmation. This increases the likelihood that guests will open and read emails from you in the future.

Visuals = revenue

Using high quality visuals increases every email’s upsell potential. Hotels that use email marketing see the vast majority of their upsells come through pre-stay emails, rather than at the desk. Learn more about the revenue potential of hotel welcome emails.

If you want to convince someone to upgrade their room choice or choose add-ons for their bookings, visuals play a huge role. It’s very rare, in this digital age, to buy something sight unseen! If you’re using email marketing to upsell guests, a visually dynamic email shows them what you have to offer, whether that’s a suite or on-property amenities.

Visuals help hold your audience’s attention and encourage engagement. They make automated messages more memorable so you can ensure that every guest gets the most out of your property and their stay with you as possible.

Intuitive email editors allow you to drag and drop images in place

Designing memorable emails without HTML expertise

The underlying code of a branded, visually dynamic email is all built in HTML. But a better email platform makes it easy to build and update these layouts through an intuitive user interface.

Our partner Fuel GMS makes it easy to create and maintain beautiful emails. Our customers get five pre-designed email templates that cover the most common automated emails through the guest journey. You can then select from a gallery of editable templates for any future needs. Set colors, upload photos, and re-arrange the layout exactly as you need.

Learn more about how Fuel GMS integrates with Chorum PMS to create personalized, engaging emails to enhance the guest journey:

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