How Jonas Chorum makes it easier for hotels to maximize revenue by migrating to a better property management system

About wJw Hospitality

William Koo of wJw Hospitality is a Revenue Architect with over 30 years of experience helping hotels optimize revenue. Mr. Koo’s portfolio of over 30 hotel clients spans a wide range of hotels of every size, market, and type. He works with branded hotels and independent hotels, from 50-room resorts to 300-room hotels.

As a consultant, Mr. Koo provides hotels with strategic advice and analysis to improve all elements of revenue management. When working with a new property he examines all their systems, processes, pricing, and rates to identify areas for improvement.

One key area of improvement is often the underlying systems hotels are using. When he identifies this problem, he helps hoteliers put together an RFP and select a new property management system based on the hotel’s existing needs and future goals. Of the 10+ PMS’ that Mr. Koo works with, he describes Chorum PMS as his favorite. We sat down with him to discuss why.

Easier transition

When you mention system migration, most hotels throw up their hands and say they don’t have time or the resources to do this,” says Mr. Koo. “It’s always a big project and it’s never easy. But Jonas Chorum makes it as easy as it can be. It’s not a daunting, time-consuming process with Jonas Chorum, because the Chorum team truly goes above and beyond. The process is organized, yet flexible enough to accommodate the client’s needs and timeline.”  

Chorum PMS’ implementation team works alongside hotels to set up their system according to their needs and provides ongoing training. We help hotels get up and running with an intuitive, easier to use PMS in days, not weeks.

“Front and back of house staff love it because it’s easy to use and understand,” says Mr. Koo. “I’ve gone through 10+ transitions from various systems to Chorum PMS. I like that the implementation team is not reading from a script. They’re really taking the time to discuss the system and answer questions.”

Ease of rate management and revenue boost

As a Revenue Architect, Mr. Koo’s area of expertise is, of course, revenue management. He highly recommends Jonas Chorum’s revenue management tools.

“Chorum PMS’ daily rate management is very quick and easy to use – many other systems take 15 or more minutes to update the daily rate, but in Chorum you can make updates in just a few minutes.”

These are updates that hotels make on a regular basis, and Mr. Koo also likes how easy Chorum makes it to manage rate plans, change room types, and self-map rates to Chorum CRS. Easier rate management in your PMS allows you to have more agile rate strategies and improve yield overall. 

“One hotel client recently switched to Chorum PMS because managing revenue and reservations in the last system was time consuming, tedious, and limited. In a couple of months after we switched to Chorum PMS, we saw room revenue grow by +25% and both ADR and RevPAR also increased by +20% and +27% respectively”

Consistent updates and readying hotels for the future

One of the key benefits that Mr. Koo sees in Chorum PMS is the regular updates to the product itself.

“By partnering with Jonas Chorum, hotels subscribe to a product that is continuously upgraded and improved, based on hotel needs, wants, and real requests,” he says. “I’ve heard hotels make requests during the migration process for features that weren’t currently available in Chorum PMS, and I’ve seen those requests turn into reality down the road. The team is really listening to hotels.”

Jonas Chorum takes pride in the fact that we help hotels prepare for the future. We monitor upcoming trends and best practices when it comes to hotel management as well as security and data best practices.

“When I’m helping a hotel shop for a PMS, were not shopping for hardware. We’re shopping for a partnership. Chorum treats hotels like partners; they enable and empower hotels through technology. There’s a personal touch to working with Jonas Chorum.”

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