Top 5 Hospitality Trends in 2023

Here are our predictions for key hospitality trends in 2023. Changes in technology, both in and outside hotels, will continue to shape the hospitality industry in new ways. Guest experiences continue to dominate the conversation and remain top of mind for accommodation providers across the industry. 

The top 5 hospitality trends for 2023 include:

  1. RevPAG – or Revenue Per Available Guest. Whether through RevPAG or GOPPAR (gross operating profit per available room), hotels are broadening their reporting and data analytics. Hotels want to better understand ways to drive revenue per guest throughout their stay or across the full lifetime of a guest. This year and in the future, hotels are looking at broader revenue strategies beyond room rates.
  2.  High-tech solutions – The first half of two approaches: a large number of hotels are embracing on-property and mobile technologies solutions to enhance the guest experience. Examples of this include kiosks for contactless check-ins, digital keys, and mobile apps for trip planning
  3. High-touch service – The opposite of high-tech solutions? High-touch guest journeys. Some hotels are going in the opposite direction. They’re doubling down on personalized service provided by staff at the front desk and throughout the hotel. 
  4. Data security – Hotels are particularly at risk when it comes to cybersecurity. They have high staff turnover while also receiving financial and personal data from every guest. It’s not just a hospitality trend for 2023 but it should be an increasing focus for hotels in the future. 
  5. Third-party cookies – As consumers become aware of their security risks, more technology companies (outside the travel space) are providing increased security measures for their users. Some internet browsers may stop cookies, stopping key tracking hotel marketers use by 2024. 

For actionable advice and more information about hospitality trends in 2023, watch the video above. 

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