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stayAPT Suites: Easy to Use, Yet Powerful Software Designed to Scale With Their Business

The stayAPT Suites brand was founded with the goal of enhancing the travel experience by offering a hotel suite with a residential feel. In doing so, stayAPT Suites reinvents long-term lodging for traveling professionals, leisure travelers and relocating guests who want to live life on the road. With a strong corporate financial backing and an experienced executive team in place, stayAPT Suites is committed to building a portfolio of 100 corporate-owned hotels in addition to another 300 franchise locations within the next 5-7 years. Focusing on the extended stay market, the thoughtful, open concept design of stayAPT Suites allows guests to go about their daily routine as if they were at home, and not at a hotel. Other amenities include an outdoor courtyard with natural greenery, as well as on-site fitness and laundry facilities. Combine all of this with the exceptional customer service provided at each location, stayAPT Suites is truly in a league of its own.

With aggressive goals in regards to growth and expansion over the coming years, stayAPT Suites needed a property management software solution that could scale as their business grew, while also allowing for reporting from a single platform with the ability to track and manage each individual location. Having looked at a variety of options and doing their due diligence, they ultimately decided that Jonas Chorum PMS would be the ideal solution to manage their business from a software perspective. “One of the biggest reasons for selecting Chorum PMS came from our need for an Enterprise reporting solution, which is essential as we continue to build our portfolio,” stated Tammy Hart, Vice President of Training and Brand Standards. “With multiple properties under our brand, we need to be able to analyze our data based on a wide-variety of information and criteria, which Chorum PMS is able to provide for us.” In addition, the strong experience Jonas Chorum has with other hotel chains and management companies, allowed stayAPT Suites to be more confident in their decision. Focusing on growth within the extended stay market, stayAPT Suites are confident they have partnered with the ideal software vendor. As Tammy stated, “there really isn’t another property management system on the market that caters to the way we do business like Jonas Chorum PMS does, and the recent improvements made to the software only further enhance our ability to compete within the extended stay market.”

Throughout the implementation process, stayAPT Suites has been impressed with just how quick and easy the software has been to learn and operate. “For myself, as well as the managers within our company, we have all found the system extremely easy to learn and intuitive to use,” Tammy stated. “With the way the software has been developed, it’s almost impossible to do something wrong, and even if something is done incorrectly, the software prompts you with the corrections necessary.” Even prior to selecting Jonas Chorum PMS, the stayAPT Suites team was apprehensive about going through another property management software implementation, but that was quickly quelled once they began working with the implementations team. “Hands down, I haven’t heard anyone say they didn’t like Chorum PMS better than what we were using previously, so it’s truly been a win-win for our entire team.”

The Jonas Chorum property management software has been so easy to learn, that stayAPT Suites have been able to take on the training process themselves after their initial onboarding. While Tammy is now responsible for the ongoing training of stayAPT staff, she has been exceedingly happy with the continued support from the Jonas Chorum professional services team. “What I really enjoy about the way Jonas Chorum has conducted our implementation, is that they have continued to work with us when we are training additional staff members and they are always there when we need them,” Tammy stated. “They are still so much a part of my team, even after we’ve done numerous conversions and single property implementations, everyone has just been so helpful and kind, and they are always willing to drop whatever they are doing to ensure we get the help and support needed, which is very appreciated.” Armed with the knowledge and guidance from the Jonas Chorum implementations team, Tammy has been able to streamline and optimize their training process to become highly efficient in a short period of time. “I have been able to do online training with our general managers and housekeeping staff in just two three-hour sessions, which provides them with a lot of hands on experience in that time,” stated Tammy. “The system is just so intuitive and seamless that I don’t really need to do much training to have our team start using the software effectively.”

With the quick and easy training process, combined with the teamwork and partnership with Jonas Chorum, stayAPT Suites has been able to onboard 20 properties in just three months. The relationship formed between both Jonas Chorum and stayAPT has been the backbone of this entire process. “The Jonas Chorum team has truly felt like an extension of ours,” Tammy stated. “Our IT consultant, who has done many property management system conversions over the years, told me that she has never experienced such a smooth transition, especially without any disruptions to our business.” Above all, Tammy and the entire stayAPT team have truly been impressed with the level of customer service they have received, “The Jonas Chorum professional services team are tireless in their pursuit of customer excellence,” stated Tammy. “They are so understanding and have really provided us with the necessary support and bandwidth to ensure each implementation is seamless.” With a strong partner in Jonas Chorum, stayAPT Suites know that they have the right software in place, backed by a support team they can rely on. “Everyone at Jonas Chorum has been so helpful, and I can honestly say that this level of service and satisfaction is something I haven’t experienced from a partner in a very long time.”

Jonas Chorum is a suite of streamlined, intuitive and flexible property management solutions, designed to provide hotels with everything they need to operate more efficiently and cost effectively, all while delivering a personalized guest experience. Product offerings include Chorum PMS, Chorum CRS, Chorum Mobile and Chorum Sync. The cloud-based platform features a lineup of high-tech applications and user-friendly features, making it a superior software solution for independent hotels, chain hotels and hotel management companies. With its sophisticated software and elegant platform architecture, Jonas Chorum delivers unparalleled functionality and systems integration with a clean, intuitive, and streamlined user interface that is remarkably easy to use. The Jonas Chorum suite of solutions was designed with hotel management professionals in mind, ensuring the product meets the needs of the hospitality industry today.

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