Dayton House Resort Selects Chorum PMS to Improve Operations and Efficiency

About Dayton House Resort

Dayton House Resort is an oceanfront resort in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Spanning five buildings and over 300 rooms, they are a hotel with a lot of moving parts. They’re a leisure-focused property with substantial seasonal and group business.

In an average year, Myrtle Beach welcomes over 15 million travelers. With their prime location, excellent reputation and variety of amenities, packages and room offerings, Dayton House Resort needed software that helps them keep up and stay ahead.

We spoke with Dennis Sambroak, Senior Administrative Manager, about their decision to switch property management systems to Chorum PMS, Jonas Chorum’s cloud-based hotel management suite.

Time for a Change

Their previous property management system was no longer cutting it, in terms of speed, functionality, and compatibility. They were told that a ten second delay was acceptable when pulling up a reservation – but when you’re doing 200 check-ins a day, those seconds add up. Key integrations were limited, and flexibility was decreasing. What’s more, Dayton House Resort does a lot of group business and creating a group block in their existing system was cumbersome.

“Switching to Chorum PMS has been night and day for everyone at our hotel,” says Dennis Sambroak. “Both in terms of the features we were originally focused on, and some functionality that’s new to us.”

Smooth migration & transition to Chorum PMS

Given the seasonal nature of their business, switching operational technology comes with a deadline and substantial data to migrate. The teams at Chorum and Dayton House Resort worked closely together to ensure all of their 6,000+ reservations for the upcoming season seamlessly transferred out of their old system into Chorum PMS.

“It’s made everyone’s jobs easier,” continues Dennis. “The reports are easy to pull and configure, we’re able to better stay on top of day-to-day ledgers and month-end reporting. Our front desk wears many hats, and Chorum PMS lets them multi-task. They can have the system open in multiple tabs, so they can answer phones, check people in, do research and administrative tasks.”

“With five buildings, the fact that the system is cloud-based has made a huge difference. The mobile app means that everyone, both managers across departments, as well as housekeeping and maintenance, can do their jobs on the go.” 

The power of a better PMS

With the recent updates to Jonas Chorum’s mobile app rate management, almost every facet of hotel management can now be done on the move. Keeping staff happy is essential at every hotel, especially given the ongoing staff shortage issues across the industry. Jonas Chorum’s mobile app means hotel operations don’t have to just stay in the office.

Dennis encourages more hoteliers to try something new, “When you’re turning over 200 rooms a night, having the ability to see room status, upcoming arrivals and blocks, pull reports, and more, is a gamechanger for every department at our hotel. Our housekeeping manager can make boards on her way to work while enjoying her morning coffee at home, and our F&B team can easily see what blocks are coming in.”

Group functionality is also another arena where Chorum PMS shines. Dayton House Resort regularly receives large groups booking over 100 rooms at a time, and in the new system they can easily create searchable rooming lists as well as custom rates that feed into their booking engine.

“I would tell other hoteliers to try and make this change, it’ll make your job easier and your staff happier.” 

To learn more about how Jonas Chorum can help your hotel streamline operations and improve guest engagement with a better PMS, contact us for a demo of our system.

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