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Message from our General Manager.

Adam Wilson

General Manager of Jonas Chorum

Summer is here and we’re swiftly moving into the peak season for many of us!

Last quarter I reflected on how humbled I was at how customer-centric our team is. I would like to mirror that sentiment as I am now rounding out half a year, here at Jonas Chorum. Let me say that we have outstanding clients! You all make it so easy to assist in whatever we can and ensure your property is running at full steam. We have made the daunting attempt of speaking to all of you this year and we are half way through! If you haven’t heard from our team, myself included, it’s coming!

I want to thank all of our clients that have provided invaluable feedback, and for all the stories and experiences shared. 


Speaking with many of you personally, has enlightened us to gain greater insight into your properties, and ensure that we tackle any challenges and opportunities presented before us to the max.

We still have half of you to speak with and we can’t wait! We understand that summer is a busy time of year for you all, however, I’m hopeful we can all schedule some time to go through your needs.

I want to thank you again, for sharing your successes and obstacles with us. We always look forward to partnering with all of you and are looking forward to continuing this blossoming partnership, always.

Thank you once again for choosing Jonas Chorum, I can’t wait to see you soon.



  • Allow hotels to configure specific Reason for the “Out of Order” status rather than having a textbox 
  • Created “Do Not Move” functionality, allowing a reservation to be flagged as unmovable unless by users with the correct permissions 
  • When importing a Group Rooming List, you can now include Shares, to split payment by percentages between guests 
  • Multi-factor authentication can now be enabled for Chorum and separately for Settlement modules. Reach out to Chorum Support to set this up. 
  • New in Saved Reports: Group Calendar Report, Room Rate Variance 
  • In Message Manager, variable tags can be copied in to more easily create tailored messages 
  • The ability to require users to specify the station at login 
  • Availability within Revenue Management now shows ADR for each night and room type left to sell

Looking for more?

For details about everything we released last year, see the Release Notes in the Chorum Help Center:

INTRODUCING: Jonas Hospitality Unified Platform

A Robust Technology Suite

Our parent company, Jonas Hospitality, is excited to announce the launch of Jonas Hospitality’s Unified Platform. 

Jonas Hospitality Unified Platform brings together our brand’s industry-leading technologies, connected by our proprietary integration engine, Jonas ARC. This integration allows guest, stay, and financial data to securely pass between systems within the Jonas Hospitality Unified Platform, including Chorum PMS, and third-party systems. 

It creates a single, unique guest profile stored in our new Customer Data Platform, that can be synced from Jonas Chorum solutions across the entire Jonas Hospitality Unified Platform.  


Did you know that Jonas Chorum has a point-of-sale solution? Manage your restaurant or retail outpost through a system that passes data directly to Chorum PMS. Watch the overview view to learn more about Chorum POS. 


Hotel Zazz is Bananas for Jonas Chorum PMS

Hotel Zazz is a truly one-of-a-kind hotel property in Albuquerque, New Mexico. From its history to its design and features, nothing about Hotel Zazz is ordinary. We spoke with Sharmin Dharas, Owner & General Manager, about the hotel and her experience using Chorum PMS. 

With Chorum, it’s not people doing business with business, it’s people doing business with other people. You get to know the team, they’re reliable, you have a person to talk to about any problem. I can sleep better at night, knowing my […] staff can just reach out to Chorum’s team. The support provides that continuity, they know my property. We’re not starting from scratch with each call.”

More than just a Property Management System.

Did you know that Jonas Chorum has additional product offerings beyond Chorum PMS?
If you didn’t, here’s a few of our other products:


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