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Message from our General Manager.

Adam Wilson

General Manager of Jonas Chorum

Spring is nearly here, with Summer right around the corner. With that in mind, I wanted to take the time to reflect on my new position at Jonas Chorum as General Manager, as Jake Lewis has taken over his new role as President of Jonas Hospitality. 

So far this year, I have been humbled at just how customer-centric our team is. From our developers to our support teams, the chance to make a difference for our myriad partners is constantly met with conviction, humility, and enthusiasm. I have learned that not only do we attempt to go above and beyond for our partners, but also for our internal teams.

Everyone here at Jonas Chorum is focused on one major goal, pleasing our clients. To see this coming to fruition day in and day out, is a true testament to how I see teams at Jonas Chorum living within their values.

Looking ahead, you will be hearing from our customer relationship management team and myself soon. 

We want to better understand what is working for you, what could possibly be improved, and what we’re offering that could add value to your property that may have been over-looked or misunderstood. We want to get to know you and offer a helping hand when called upon.

Summer is coming, perhaps one of the busiest times of the year. I look forward to getting to know our partners, bringing fresh ideas to generate more revenue, and continue offering exceptional service.

Please be on the lookout for an email from our Customer Relationship Management team. They are here to help in any way possible and bring a wealth of experience not only with Jonas Chorum, but the hospitality industry in general.

Thank you for choosing Jonas Chorum, I can’t wait to meet you.


  • Groups can be edited and auto-update to more easily move entire blocks
  •  Reports:
    • Export or email reports without previewing first
    • New in Saved Reports: Room Change Report, Cancellation/Denail Report, Group Cut Off Report, Room Rate Variance Report
    • New Report: Folio Audit Report
  • Express “Close out all rooms” on the main screen, for hotels not open 24/7
  • Easily create a reservation directly in the Room Chart, hit shift to select multiple nights
  • Daily Rate Manager now shows hotel occupancy for each date
  • Option to force staff to “Shop for A Rate” prior to making a new reservation, ensuring that staff see all available rates on a given date – this applies to reservations made on the Room Chart as well as the  Reservation interface
  • New integrations: Omniboost, Clarivoyix, WrkSpot

Looking for more?

For details about everything we released last year, see the Release Notes in the Chorum Help Center:


Chorum POS login

A Robust POS System for Restaurants & Retail

 We’re excited to introduce our newest product, Chorum POS. It’s a robust point-of-sale system that integrates with Chorum PMS, providing itemized receipts in the PMS as well as synced end-of-day financials.

If you think that Chorum POS might be a good fit for your hotel, contact our team for a demo of the system. 


Jake Lewis Promoted to President of Property Systems

Jonas Hospitality is excited to announce the promotion of Jake Lewis to President of Property Systems, to further the technical innovation and collaboration happening across the portfolio of Jonas Hospitality companies.

Jonas Hospitality is proud to introduce its newest brand, Jonas Unify™

Jonas Unify solves the industry’s customer data problem by creating a master record accessible across your entire tech stack, removing silos from disparate systems while ensuring data accuracy and security.

Property Systems Group to Bridge the Gap Between Best-in-Class & All-in-One Solutions

Jonas Hospitality is excited to announce the creation of its Property Systems Group. This newly formed group will better serve our customers and the hospitality industry by increasing development speed, fostering innovation, and bridging the gap between best-in-class and all-in-one solutions.

Jonas Chorum is a proud member of Jonas Hospitality, a leading group of travel technology brands. Learn more about Jonas Hospitality.


The Spring Resort & Spa Relies on Chorum PMS for better Revenue Management, Support & Operations

The Spring Hotel, a secluded wellness oasis outside Palm Springs, uses both Chorum PMS and our sister company, SpaSoft. From operations, revenue, to guest engagement, Jonas Hospitality systems keep this property running smoothly. Here’s how our solutions help The Spring Resort & Spa.

“The workflow in Chorum PMS is very logical and easy to use, the ability to maximize room night revenue is right at your fingertips,” says Monica Lopez, General Manager. 

More than just a Property Management System.

Did you know that Jonas Chorum has additional product offerings beyond Chorum PMS?
If you didn’t, here’s a few of our other products:


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