Our Leadership Team

Mark Loyd, CEO

Mark has two passions… technology and the outdoors. Starting his technology career in the late 90s as a software developer for a property management system, he quickly worked his way through the ranks and entered his first leadership position in 2000, managing a team of 5 developers. Twenty years later, having served as COO, CSO, CTO, and now CEO, Mark leads a talented team of 120 people that follow his passion and vision in making Jonas Chorum a technology leader in the hospitality industry.

Mark commutes regularly to Jonas Chorum headquarters in Phoenix but resides in Durango, Colorado where he is drawn by the lure of the mountains. When outside the office, Mark can be found hiking, biking, skiing and spending quality time in the mountains with his family. Mark brings integrity, conviction, and humor to both his personal and professional life. He believes constructive conflict is good for business and is constantly encouraging colleagues to challenge his thoughts. Mark is on a mission to create the best technology foundation for hospitality, and is driven by creating and maintaining a thriving culture at Jonas.

Jake Lewis, President

Jake started his career in hospitality technology nearly 20 years ago as a tech support agent. After finishing school, he moved into a role as a developer and in 2006 took a leadership role as Director of Development. Throughout his career Jake has served in leadership roles in all aspects of software development including development, quality assurance and product. In his current role as President his experience is leveraged daily to help define, architect and build and deploy the existing suite of Chorum solutions. Jake resides in Phoenix, Arizona and in his free time you will find him spending time with his family, on the golf course or at his local CrossFit gym.

Ted Warring, Vice President of Technology & Chief Scientist

With over thirty years of experience developing software and architecting innovative solutions, Ted brings a wealth of knowledge to Jonas Chorum. As the Vice President of Technology and Chief Scientist, Ted oversees Jonas Chorum’s technology roadmap, the quality of systems and software, and presides over a team of development managers, quality assurance specialists, IT specialists, and software engineers. Prior to joining Jonas Chorum, Ted was a principal in two software companies focusing on software automation for various vertical market industries, and has spent the last four years consulting for several leading hospitality technology companies.

Jim Rowe, Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Jim’s passion in life is soccer. He has made it his goal to help create and foster a winning mentality. Hard worknever quit and always working to improve are the 3 principles he believes make up that winning mentality. Whether working with his sales team or crafting the minds of young student athletes on his soccer team, he is driven to help others succeed. His two favorite quotes that he lives by are: “If you have been fortunate enough to be successful in this world then it’s your responsibility to send the elevator back down”, and “You can have results or excuses but never both”. Have a question for Jim or want to work with him? Contact him here!

Michele Enderud, Vice President of Operations

With over 28 years of experience in Operations & Human Resource Management, Michele Enderud has had experiences in Education, Technology and the Oil/Gas Industries. As the Vice President of Operations, Michele leads the general operations, staff, and support at Jonas Chorum. She holds a double bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Human Resources from Dickinson State University and a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Mary. She is also certified in Labor Arbitration from Kings University. She spends her spare time teaching Business classes at Dickinson State University, University of Mary, and Bismarck State College. On a personal note, Michele enjoys camping and boating, and is currently working towards attaining her PhD in organizational leadership.
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