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Q1 2023

Read on to learn about product updates, company news, as well as training and what’s to come in the months ahead!

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Message from our President.

Jake Lewis

Jake Lewis

President of Jonas Chorum

It is hard to believe that we are well into 2023 already. I wanted to take some time to reflect a bit on the past couple of years and speak to what our focus at Jonas Chorum has been and will be in 2023.  


The past couple of years have been a bit of a roller coaster for all of us in the hospitality industry. The global pandemic that started in 2020 had many of us unsure of what the future would bring. Not knowing how long or what the impact would be, left many of us concerned about our businesses, our employees, and our guests. As things started to open back up and guests started to return in 2021 our thinking went from are we going to be able to open our doors, to how do we open our doors in a way that allowed our employees and guests to stay healthy and safe.  


During that time, we all found ways to operate our businesses using methods we never have, and learned a lot in the process. Many of the lessons we learned were positive and allowed us to serve our guests and customers in better and more efficient ways. They helped us understand ways technology can be used to do this. 


However, one of the lessons we learned was that while efficiency and lower costs are great and benefit our businesses, they cannot come at the expense of quality for our customers. As we navigated the challenges during this time, we found and developed different approaches to leveraging technology as a mechanism for providing better service. But we also learned that not all things can be solved by technology alone. 


A good example of this: as travel started to pick up in 2022 the biggest challenge our customers told us they were facing was staff shortages. Not having enough staff to ensure that their guests received the level of customer service they expected has been, and continues to be, one of the biggest challenges in the hospitality space. Technology by itself cannot solve this challenge. But Jonas Chorum is committed to finding innovative ways to use our technologies to help relieve as many of these types of challenges as possible to ensure that your guests keep coming back. 


Our number one goal at Jonas Chorum is to satisfy our customers, but we also want to be more than just a vendor to our customers. We truly want to be a partner with each hotel that has chosen to use our services. 


One approach that we take to building that partnership is to listen to the needs of our customers. We determine what we do in our applications and services based on those needs. What this means is that over the past two years 100% of every feature, item we have added, or issue we have resolved has been based on the feedback and input from customers. As we move into 2023, we will continue with this approach. Listening to the needs and challenges that our customers are facing and using that to drive how and what we are doing in our services and solutions will be our main priority in 2023. 


Thank you all for being a part of what we do at Jonas Chorum.  The solutions we provide get better each day because of your willingness to partner with us and I look forward to a great year with each of you.


Jonas Chorum Announces Integration with Jonas Club

At HITEC 2022, we announced our integration with fellow Jonas Software company, Jonas Club. This integration brings the best of club and hotel management technology together.

Jonas Chorum Releases new Web Check-in Integration

Our new web check-in integration creates a secure web link to be sent pre-arrival. Guests can review their reservation and pre-register to save hotels time and streamline check-ins.


In 2022 we completed 40+ new product features, based on customer requests and needs. 

We also released 300+ behind-the-scene updates to streamline reliability and efficiency of our products. 

Here are some of the software features we released in 2022: 

  • Moved all features, functions, and screens previously located in GM Functions over to Administration and Revenue Management Modules
  • No part of Chorum PMS requires Silverlight and can now be accessed from any browser
  • Enhanced integration with Jonas Club
  • Updated how Packages are built by bundling special requests, and added the ability to create seasonal packages
  • New integrations: STS Cloud by Sales And, Ivy by Revinate, Enhanced integration to M3 Accounting, SHR Wave

Looking for more?

For details about everything we released last year, see the Release Notes in the Chorum Help Center:


In 2023, we’ll be providing additional security and privacy enhancements. Expect a phased approach throughout the year as we set up multi-factor authentication for all Chorum PMS customers. We’re also working on:

  • Enhancements to Group functionality
  • Mobile Daily Rate Manager
  • Rate Configuration Change Logging
  • Booking Rule Change Logging
  • New integrations:
    • Kalibri
    • AAVGO Kiosk by Astics
    • Phillips Media Suite


Revenue Management in Chorum PMS
Training Webinar

Watch this overview with Tony Aument to learn about the Revenue Management module, which includes Rates and Restrictions configuration screens.

Create an email strategy that connects with guests throughout their stay

We hosted a webinar with our partner, Fuel Travel, on how you can create an email strategy at your hotel powered by Chorum PMS that engages with your guests throughout their journey at your hotel.

Jonas Chorum on YouTube.

Looking to the year ahead.

We took stock of trends last year as well as predictions for the biggest conversation topics around the corner to create a video on the Top Hospitality Trends in 2023.

Watch the video here and follow Jonas Chorum on YouTube for more! 

More than just a Property Management System.

Did you know that Jonas Chorum has additional product offerings beyond Chorum PMS? If you didn’t, here’s a few of our other products:


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